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Documents and code for today's business environment by experienced programmer and Wall Street computer analyst Thomas Anesta

SAS Fifth Dimension

SAS Fifth Dimension Macros make SAS programming easy by generating code from a wish list of functions and techniques that I created after many years of programming. SAS Fifth Dimension documents are my personal notes to demonstrate how the SAS Fifth Dimension Macros accomplish programming techniques. The actual SAS code is included. Although many programmers will be able to use the code from the documents to accomplish these techniques, the SAS Fifth Dimension Macros will facilitate your needs.

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VBA Fifth Dimension

VBA Fifth Dimension Macros provides the VBA programmer with basic tool libraries to accomplish many techniques. VBA Fifth Dimension documents are techniques that I found helpful when programming in the business environment. VBA Fifth Dimension Macros - a broad range of useful macros, including those from VBA Fifth Dimension documents - were selected to demonstrate programming techniques used in many macros.

Review the Code, copy it to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint VBA modules and execute it. It will really work without modification.

To use some of these macros requires making available the reference "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility 5.3" in Visual Basic Editor. See more about this site for list of references..

Purchasing VBA Fifth Dimension Macros

This web site will constantly change to better equip SAS and VBA users with my techniques. Come back again to find something new and interesting.

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