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My qualifications

As a computer analyst on Wall Street for over twenty years, I have worked with several programming languages including assembler, Fortran and Cobol. SAS and Microsoft's Visual Basic has been a mainstay in my work as a performance analyst, capacity planner and financial analyst. As the Manager of Capacity Planning at Shearson Lehman, I trained the capacity planning group and made available the SAS source code that I had developed. By utilizing my SAS source modules, I found that my group was able to accelerate their programming abilities and rapidly culminate requests.

Experience Synopsis;
Guardian Life Insurance, NY, NY 2/13/2006 to 4/30/2008 SAS/VBA Consultant Chase Manhattan Bank, NY, NY 4/15/2005 to 12/31/2005 VBA Consultant Chase Manhattan Bank, NY, NY 8/5/2002 to 2/11/2005 SAS/VBA Consultant American Express NY, NY 6/2000 to 10/2001 SAS/VBA/Lotus Notes Consultant Chase Manhattan Bank, NY, NY 5/1999 to 6/2000 SAS Consultant Citibank, NY, NY 7/1993 to 4/1999 SAS Consultant Shearson Lehman Brothers, NY, NY 1987 to 1992 Capacity Planner Salomon Brothers, Inc, NY, NY 1979 to 1987 Capacity/Performance Analyst, System Programmer

For more about my qualifications see my résumé. You can also e-mail me: tanesta@sas-tips.com.

SAS Fifth Dimension

Tailoring these techniques to your installation can save time and effort. SAS Fifth Dimension Macros were created to accomplish these techniques quickly in a few lines of code and to allow for tailoring to your installation.

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VBA Fifth Dimension

The VBA Basic Tools were designed to be used in Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word. This web site enhanses my daily working environment. Most of the macros are similar in getting the information but are different in displaying the information.

The VBA Fifth Diminsion Macros include input validation to prevent abnominal termination.

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Emily Anesta, HTML Consultant

Thank you Emily for helping me create this web site. I found your web site tips and technique easy to use. Using the Server Side Includes(SSI) technique to include HTML code enabled adjusting one module to effect multiple web pages. This site will help me as a SAS/VBA consultant.