SAS Abbreviation coding includes the macro concept into coding. Typing a few characters can generate many lines of stored code. Including some of your macros and code that is used many times is helpful. You can import and export your abbreviations for backup. These backup files contain many internal control characters and are hard to read.

SAS keyboard commands

SAS keyboard commands can accelerate many functions natural to coding SAS.

Commenting and uncommenting code can be acomplished many ways. Starting the line of code with an asterisk will make the line a comment. All code betweend the starting characters /* and the ending characters */ will be a comment. The best way is to highlight the code you want to change to a comment and issue the keyboard command CNTL /. To uncomment the highlighted code, issue the keyboard command CNTL SHIFT /. All of these ways to comment code have problems, but the keyboard command CNTL / works the best.

SAS highlight a column -

Highlighting a column of the code is a useful technique. To highlight a column of the code, move the curser to the starting row and column and hold the keyboard command, CONTROL ALT. Now scroll to the ending row and column. You have highlighted the column from the starting row and column to the ending row and column.

The following are a few of the most helpful keyboard commands:

comment highlighted code         CNTL /  
uncomment highlighted code       CNTL SHIFT / 
copy highlighted code            CNTL C  
move highlighted code            CNTL X 
paste highlighted code           CNTL V   
highlight a columnl              CONTROL ALT  
upper case highlighted code      CNTL SHIT U  
lower case highlighted code      CNTL SHIT L 
show desktop                     Window’s Key M  
show desktop                     Window’s Key D