SAS Fifth Dimension: Resources for SAS Programmers

SAS, a fourth level computer programming language, is a useful and highly efficient language. SAS procedures have been established to accomplish elaborate functions with only a few lines of code. SAS Fifth Dimension includes programming techniques which will enlighten both beginner and advanced SAS programmers. The use and details of these techniques are described and the actual SAS code is included. The objective of SAS Fifth Dimension is to teach the effective implementation of SAS techniques through interesting and useful examples.

The SAS Fifth Dimension Macros front-end SAS techniques with parameter driven macros. These macros can assist the beginner programmer in using advanced features. Although the advanced SAS programmers can use these documented techniques, SAS Fifth Dimension Macros presents solutions to many problems I have encounter during my years of experience and provides interesting macro programming techniques.

SAS Fifth Dimension: SAS

SAS Fifth Dimension contains SAS tools for SAS programming, macros that are specific to the P/C or can be used in any environment. Included is the code to create or select folders and files in the P/C environment. The Create macro variable array from SAS variable is a useful technique.

SAS Fifth Dimension: Unix

SAS Fifth Dimension contains SAS macros that are specific to the Unix environment. Included is code to download a SAS file(Copy file from Unix) and export to EXCEL, retrieve Oracle table and columns and create or select directories and files in the Unix environment to mention a few.

SAS Fifth Dimension: Mainframe

SAS Fifth Dimension contains SAS macros that are specific to the MVS mainframe environment. Included is code to shows how to read MVS system control blocks (JFCB and DSCB) to access the data set name, record length, block size, and in some cases the file type. It also shows how to read the partition data set directory to access the member names, creation dates, dates last updated, current sizes, and original sizes. Data set information can extend and enhance the programming environment.

The SAS Fifth Dimension Macro will be for sale in the future.

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