VBA Fifth Dimension: Resources for VBA Programmers

VBA is a sophisticated programming language. Although syntax checking while typing the code and the debugging technique of highlighting the code that failed is impressive, the Excel help facility is not designed to assist in designing basic functions. VBA needs a library with basic tools.

This web site provides a tools library to accomplish basic functions to aid VBA programmers. This site will also include a description of user-friendly macros to accomplish some advanced functions. In the future there will be a macro workbook for sale that includes all the basic tools and advanced functions. To clearly present the programming technique, the basic macros described in this web site are clean of input verification. To prevent premature abnormal termination, input verification is necessary and is included in the workbook for sale. Input verification should be designed to satisfy the needs of the installation and I included only what I found to be important. If you have any questions or you wish to comment, please e-mail me: tanesta@sas-tips.com

Purchasing the VBA Fifth Dimension macro code

This web site will constantly change to better equip VBA users with my techniques. Come back again to find something new and interesting.

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